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Breaking News: Police Officer shoots one of his own March 18, 2010

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Sometime after 3 am gun shots broke the still of night. Neighbors claim to have heard up to eight shots and as dawn broke in San Pedro Town reports pouring into our offices state that police corporal Gavin Sanchez, detached to the San Pedro Police Department had lost his life after being fatally wounded by one of his own.

Witnesses report to have seen Corporal Sanchez frequenting one of the local island bars until late at night. Sergeant Paulino Reyes, also of the San Pedro Police Department arrived at the bar’s beachfront location where he met up with Corporal Sanchez. Witnesses claim that Sergeant Reyes was accompanied by two Belize Defense Force soldiers. It is unknown and there are many speculations as to what might have transpired but Corporal Sanchez reportedly intoxicated was transported to the Police Department where he was relieved of his firearm.

Reports from officials close to the investigation reveal that the incident unfolded at the police barracks behind the police department. Corporal Sanchez allegedly aggressed Sergeant Reyes who realizing that the corporal was armed opened fire.

Corporal Sanchez, after being shot, fell where he stood in the hallway inside the barracks. Director of the San Pedro Polyclinic Dr. Javier Zuniga pronounced him dead at 3:30 a.m. with the fatal bullet wound being inflicted to Sanchez’s forehead.

Police officials have remained tightlipped about the incident but a press conference will be held this afternoon at 2:00 p.m. in Belize City.



1. mystery guest - March 20, 2010

My thoughts about the incident are mixed. There are good cops and bad cops, which we all know but dont talk about. (This is all over the world not just Belize) This incident is waking up the island of San Pedro. With the police crashing the only vechicle they have and have to rely on a golf cart for transport is insane! The San pedranos need to be in control of there own police department, this is not Belize City. The people of the island should trust the police department not be scared to even pass by it or even scared to make a police report. The police are outnumbered by criminals. The fact is they are hurting this country. Who is in charge? The law or money? The fact that the country is so small makes this big news, but really this is a micro way of looking at crime compared to bigger cities around the world. No one deserves to die, that is what the bible says. i do not feel safe anywhere on this island. And the BDF officer who looses his firearm and extorts fishermen, with a cop out of the San Pedro police Station about a month ago. (Dont even get me on this subject, how do you lose a machine gun?) The problem of Belize and San pedro is the George Street and the coruption of government officials all the way to the top. Everything in this country is, ” How much?” Everyone takes off the top. It’s GREED!!! The people of San Pedro need to come together and the town council needs to get off there lazy asses and get something done ASAP!!!! The expression the dog wags the tail, the tail doesn’t wag the dog. People of San Pedro we are the dog, and the police are the tail. The police work for us, we dont work for them!!!! It seems as if the people of San Pedro work for the police, when in fact they need to protect and serve the people. If the people of San Pedro dont come together to fix this issue, it will only get worse. They need to get every gang member off this Island, and every corrupt governement offical and send them back to Belize City!!!!!! People of San Pedro come together and let the numbers of citizens speak against the issue. We will not tolerate this anymore, or we should take the law into our own hands?

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