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BINGO night at Lions January 14, 2010

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    It’s Bingo Night hosted by the San Pedro Lions Club. Last Friday marked the first time that the fun event was held at the Lions Den. Gamers arrived early and ready to play. With coins in hand they paid for their games at $2 a card. Soon, the letters and numbers began to be called. Everyone eagerly awaited, sitting on the edge of their seats, curling with anticipation and holding in the desire to yell, “Bingo.” Someone won, everyone clapped and the games continued. By the end of the night, the last game played was at $5 a card. The pot stood at $175 for any single winner. A few nail-biting minutes later, five people emerged as winners and shared the big pot.

    Half of the money paid for the games is entered into the pot. The other half goes to the San Pedro Lions Club. Available while you play are delicious, finger licking barbecue and chicken ceviche. These are lovingly prepared by Lion Chef and Bartender – Reds. This fun way to raise funds will take place every Friday commencing at 6:00 p.m. Everyone is invited to come and play.



1. bingo - January 20, 2010

Its always nice to see my favourite game played for a good cause – well done San Pedro Lions

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