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Meet Team Belize August 1, 2009

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Team Belize, sponsored by Maya Island Air Regional, will be in Ambergris Caye, today. Come over to SunBreeze Suites and meet the 13 basketball players that will represent Belize in the Cocaba Championship Tournament in Cancun, Mexico.

Team Belize players are:

  • Gene Myvett. He is a 6’4” guard. He is an energy guy, great hustler. He is one of those ex-factor guys.
  • Charles Burgess, 6’1” point guard. He is really a hardnosed player and he can also score.
  • Dakkin Braddick. 6’ 9”, center forward. He is very athletic and a big man. He will be able to run the floor for us and block a lot of shots.
  • Stephen Williams. He is another guard, 6’ 2”. Great shooter from the outside but also he is a slasher and can get to the rim.
  • Marlon Garnett

    Marlon Garnett

  • Marlon Garnett, 6’4” guard and shooter. He is an outstanding shooter and he has a lot of experience. He played in the NBA for the Boston Celtics and also he has been playing overseas for many years. So he brings a lot of experience to our team and he’s going to be looked to be one of our leaders on the team.
  • Clinton Fuller, another 6’4” guard.
  • Keith Acosta, 6’4” guard and everybody knows who Keith is. He is going to be one of our good players and he is a scorer and he is going to be a strong defender.
  • Herbie Allen 5’11” point guard. Herbie is a great team player and he gets the ball to the right guys. If you need to knock down a jump shot, he will be able to do that for us. But he is a great team player and he is a good point guard.

    Greg Rudon

    Greg Rudon, San Pedro Tiger Sharks MVP, 2007

  • Greg Rudon, 6’2” guard and what Greg does a lot, his nickname is Chippy and he is a great shooter.

    Milton Palacio - "Miracle Milt"

  • Milton Palacio, 6’4” point guard. He is a leader and everybody knows him from 1998 but he is one of the main leaders. Again great NBA experience he is going to be the main leader of our team. 
  • Richard Troyer, 6’5” guard forward, very versatile player. He can shoot it from the outside and also he is strong enough to get inside and uses muscle and he is going to be able to go against some bigger guys and he can use his athleticism and size to get around the bigger guys.
  • Alex Carcamo

  • Alex Carcamo. 6’8” guard forward again. He brings a lot to the table as far as international experience. He just got the MVP down in Argentina professional league.
  • Kyron Stokes. 6’4” guard. Kyron is a great shooter. He is going spot up and he is going to knock the shots down.
  • Sonny Watson. He is a 6’10” guy that we are waiting for him to come in. Sonny is big and strong. He is going to be one of those guys who plays the center for us and he is going to be able to block shots and get rebounds for us so we can make fast breaks and go from there.
  • Keenan Jourdon, 6’8 another guy that is a power forward center.



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